First Edition of Fresh News

First Edition of Fresh News

Happy September!

September is here and we finally have some time to catch up with everyone! We have had a very busy and productive year. It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since we decided to tackle the grueling process of obtaining accreditation. It is our honor and privilege to announce we are fully accredited! Our hard work paid off and our surveyor stated he had never seen a company so passionate, detailed and organized with getting “it right” the first time. We are thankful to our families who were put on the sidelines for this as we worked 6 and 7 days a week, and many hours per day to accomplish this feat. We have to admit we were fueled by our client’s trust, patience and faith in us. Nearly every day we heard from someone rooting us on to the finish line. Amrit and I send a heartfelt thank you!


As most of you know we are in the midst of a Nationwide recall involving Philips Respironics Pap machines and Trilogy ventilators. We have exercised due diligence at tracking down our patients that were affected, as well as many others who have reached out to us when they were not getting answers. If you are reading this and still need help please call! Despite being proactive, due to an estimated four million machines affected and a supply shortage Philips Respironics is projecting that most machines will be exchanged or repaired tentatively within a year. We are receiving ongoing updates from them. Keep checking in on “Fresh News” for more updates as we are notified.

What’s next at AFresh?

We are happy to announce that we are going to be officially certified as a “Women Owned Small Business” in the near future. This is a great accomplishment. Yahoo!

Exciting developments! We have contracted with several of the leading manufacturers of respiratory and home medical equipment. For your convenience, we offer one stop shopping. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our web page, please call.

Due to a world wide pandemic sanitization should be a priority for everyone more now than ever before. We did our research and are now offering the latest Cpap sanitizer that does not use Ozone. The Lumin CPAP cleaner uses UV light. In addition, door handles, for work places, nurse stations, day care centers, gyms, etc we are offering the brand new Lumin “wand”. It disinfects in seconds! We’re excited!

Check back with us soon for new updates at Fresh News.

Enjoy the remainder of summer as it draws to a close! Fall is beautiful here in Whatcom county and I look forward to horseback riding again, some amazing hikes with my dogs on Whatcom county trails, and some overdue yard work.

Kelly Maycumber, Owner and Respiratory Therapist

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