“I had experienced considerable frustration in dealing with a different national company for my CPAP supplies and service. I was excited to learn about AFresh as it is a locally owned company, run by two respiratory therapists who have decades of experience.

It was a refreshing change for me to deal with AFresh for my CPAP needs. It was clear to me that they genuinely care for their patients, and strive to give excellent service. I was able to speak directly to a respiratory therapist when I had questions regarding my machine usage, and supplies. I was also offered a complimentary 3D mask fitting appointment to be sure I had the best fit. I was able to purchase supplies quickly, locally, and at an affordable price. I would definitely recommend AFresh to anyone. They have an unbeatable combination of personalized care, affordability, and excellent respiratory therapists.”

L. Hunter

“I needed a second Cpap machine, and didn’t want to go back to my previous company due to numerous issues I had with their service. I really wanted to use an all local company that had Respiratory Therapists on staff. I wanted a hands on approach as my previous supplier had insisted on mailing everything for the past year, with no instruction or formal fitting.

When I found Kelly and Amrit at AFresh, I was pleased to find they put customer service as a priority above all. They spent an hour instructing me in person on my new machine that included a 3D mask fitting, and education on Sleep Apnea as well as through instructions on my new Cpap. I also purchased a cleaner from them. Their follow up has been stellar and I will recommend them to anyone that needs a Cpap or supplies.”

Corky Booze